Friday, June 23, 2017

It's been awhile.

Well.... hello! It's  been a while. :) a lot has happened since the last time I posted here.

We had a little girl (who is now almost 6), we also had a little boy (almost 4) , we moved to a new (to us) house, we closed our workout business, I started a new adventure in health, wellness and helping people build their own businesses (going on 5 years), Lance also has a new job, he now works for Whitetail Properties selling land (going on a year), just to name a few things. ;)

We have traveled a lot.
Mexico multiples times, California, Costa Rica (twice), Florida (3 times), Dallas, Kansas city, Nashville, Vegas and more....some with kids some without.
I plan on going back and posting about some of these places, trips, tips etc.

So that means, I'm back. :)

Look out for more soon!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Bump

Here's a picture of me at 6 months-

Scroll down for a trip review!!

Yosemite/San Francisco

We went on a little trip just the two of us to Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. We flew into San Fran and then drove to Yosemite. (if we were to do it again we would stay the first night in SF and then drive the next day!) It's about 4 hours from SF to Yosemite, but we hit some awful traffic on the way out of town. We stayed at the Tenaya Lodge about 2 miles outside of the south gate into Yosemite. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The hotel was wonderful! Our room was great and comfortable.
The food at the hotel was good and being so close to the park was just perfect. On Saturday we got up and went into the park. We first drove to Glacier Point where you can see the Nevada and Vernal Falls and the Yosemite Falls, along with the valley of Yosemite. It was breathtaking. The views were amazing and again the weather was perfect. We had the perfect day. Our phones had no service and it was just the two of us. It was a dream!! After Glacier Point we went and ate lunch at the Wawona Hotel in the park and walked around there and then went to see the Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove. They are crazy huge! We walked around and looked at the trees and then headed back to the hotel. It was the perfect day!

Sunday we headed back to SF. That night we went to a Giants baseball game, which was fun!
Then Monday we went to Fisherman's Wharf and out to Alcatrez.
Alcatrez was very neat to see and hear the history. After we went to Ghiradelli Square and then back to the hotel to rest before dinner. Tuesday we shopped and rested and then headed home on Wednesday. We had a blast SF is so pretty and again the weather was amazing. I would go back for sure!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Girl

Just wanted to let everyone see our crib and bedding we have ordered. It isn't in yet and once we have it in the room I'll post but here it is in the store.

These two pictures are of the crib and bedding we are getting. It should be in this month! I can't wait to actually get it in the baby's room.

The pictures below is the room the baby will be in. Don't mind the messy bed, but look at the super cute rug I bought for her room!! I am in LOVE with this rug!

We still have stuff to move in and out of the room but we will get there. It's a work in progress! =)

And just because I think this is cute here is a little onesie I order the other day.
And for those of you asking (Steph=) I'll post some baby bump pictures within the next week! PROMISE!! =)

It's a................


Little Girl Chamberlain is doing great! She will be here sometime late September. My due date is September 28th but she is measuring about a week big so maybe she'll be early! Who knows. I am still doing great. Haven't been sick and am doing good. Thankfully with this HOT weather we are having we have a pool and I am able to enjoy that almost everyday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Exciting Update

So I have been neglecting the blog for too long. Facebook is so much easier for me to update and I have just been doing that! But I have been asked nicely =) to update here too, so I am going to try to do that too!
Let's see since the last time I blog a lot has gone on! First we went skiing in Durango, Co before Christmas. It was a blast. We all had so much fun. It snowed
soooo much, but it was so pretty.

We had a great Christmas. Lance got me a gun and it's PINK!! How awesome is that. Now our house is super protected, don't be coming over unannounced! =)

In January we went to Dallas and Atlanta for hunting shows. Both we super fun. Our friends from South Africa, Meggan and Rudi, came to our house between the shows and stayed with us. We had a blast in Atlanta. We went to the aquarium and Coca Cola World
and of course Meggs and I shopped!!

Also in January we found out that I'm pregnant!! We are excepting a little one the end of September!

In February L was gone for hunting shows. He drove to Salt Lake City and Reno, NV and then home. I did get to join him but I flew to all of the place!! =) I did drive home with him though. We went over the Hoover Dam and drove by Area 51 and 52, those were the only cool things on the drive home!!

In March we went with 11 other family and friends to the gorgeous Dominican Republic. It was amazing!! We stayed at a WONDERFUL private villa with all the amenities. It was amazing, I could go back right now for sure!
So that updates everyone for now! We do find out the baby is next week, so I'll try and update after that!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok so this post has an OVER load of pictures. It's hard to write a post on such an amazing city without lots of pictures and it's hard to put into words how much I love this City. Seriously, I love it. It is gorgeous. I love the cafes, the streets, walking everywhere, public transportation, the oldness, the new parts of the city, the buildings, the people I love it all. This is L and I's second time to come to Paris and for sure not our last. For my parents and my sis it was their 1st time to visit Paris and they LOVED it too!!!
L and I at Notre Dame. We went to Notre Dame and walked around the outside and then waited in a LONG line to go inside. Notre Dame is very pretty but not my favorite church. It is very dark inside. The stained glass is amazing. Very detailed and colorful.
After we ate lunch at Les Duex Magot (where Hemingway visited while he lived in Paris) we walked around the area and discovered this AMAZING church. It is St Suplice. One of my favorite churches and I can't wait to go back once it is completely restored. We really just stumbled upon this church and I am so glad we did. The front of it is being resorted so there were scaffolding set up around half of the front, but still is was gorgeous. The waterfall in the front of the church was so pretty too!! This is inside St. Suplice. Seriously SO PRETTY!!! I could have walked around for an hour in here. There is so much detail in everything. LOVE IT!

This is outside the Louvre looking up the Champs Elysses to the Arc de Triomph.
The pyramid outside the Louvre
The Mona Lisa. It's neat to see her because of how famous the painting is, but there are SO many people trying to get as close as they can (which isn't very close). The painting is behind glass and then there is a fence thing around it so you can't get very close and then you have to fight through the people to get up close. But it's still great to see.
The inverted pyramid inside the Louvre
We went to a French macaron class in Versailles. It was amazing. Macarons are the best thing EVER. They are not like our coconut macarons. These are little sandwiches with a soft chewy outside and a great filling! The lady that we took the class from, Patricia, was wonderful. She is super sweet and a great cook and we got to take a lot of them home with us! The best macarons are from Laudree. It is a cafe and the main one is on the Champs Elysses my favorite is raspberry and L's fav is vanilla. I could eat a million of these!
At the cooking class
The hubs and I in the gardens at Versailles
The pretty manicured gardens at Versailles. So so pretty!
The wonderful Eiffel Tower
The hubs and I in front of Notre Dame at night. We took a night tour, it was awesome to see everything lit up at night. Paris truly is the City of Lights.
The Eiffel Tower sparkles for 5 minutes at every hour starting at dusk and going until I think midnight. It is so pretty to see lit up without it sparkling, but to see it sparkling is gorgeous. I could sit there all night and watch it! It is wonderful. If you ever have the chance to go to Paris, GO!!! I can't wait to go back!